Our Team

Priyank Rastogi

Kinjal Sankhe

  • Associate Producer - Gruesome Playground Injuries
    Email: info@fitrproductions.com
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Jennifer Raquel

  • Associate Producer - The Pillowman
    Email: info@fitrproductions.com

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Our Mission:

"F.I.T.R." in F.I.T.R. Productions stands for:

Fiction Is Turning Real

And that is our mission.

F.I.T.R. Productions, LLC founded in 2012, by actor Priyank Rastogi is a company run by artists; for artists. We value true ambitions and honest dreams. If you believe in your dream, we believe in you; and we will work with you and make every possible effort to turn that dream into reality.

Our Vision:

Many a times when I used to go to auditions or meet a casting agent, they used to tell me that although I am a good actor, I don't fit in the character's type. All it made me think was when things will be in my control, there will be no type. If I or any artist have ingenuous interest towards their respective craft, I will make it happen.
- Priyank Rastogi, Managing Director

While casting for our productions, we don't think, even once, whether a particular actor fit in the character's type but we ask ourselves one question:

In the actor's performance, are we able to behold genuine passion towards their craft and empathize their honest intentions to live within the character ?

Our vision is to bring life to the production by making sure every cast member, irrespective for their type, bring life to their character.

Contact Us:

We would love to hear from you. Please email us at info@fitrproductions.com for anything and everything.